Stand Out Northamptonshire is an aspiring charity for children in care and care leavers, giving them the opportunities they deserve to really stand out.

Who we are

This aspiring charity has been established in partnership with children in care and care leavers in
Northamptonshire and offers fantastic opportunities for them to learn, grow and progress
We aim to make a REAL difference to them by LISTENING to them, BELIEVING in them, and working
with them  to help them ACHIEVE their goals.

Become a volunteer!  

We are currently looking for people who can get involved with fundraising activities and help raise
awareness of the charity and its work with children in care and care leavers.

​What we offer

Opportunities are as unique as the children and young people themselves and include:

- Taking part in an apprenticeship scheme
- Getting involved with volunteering
- Trying something new
- Eligibility for our grants and awards scheme
- Getting involved with fundraising

Plus much more!

Find out more or get involved